Are Butterscotch Candies Vegan? Find Out Now

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Are Butterscotch Candies Vegan?

No, Butterscotch Candies are not vegan because they usually contain butter which is a dairy product. Butter is derived from cow milk, therefore makes it animal derived.

Today we will discuss how Butterscotch Candies are made, the ingredients in them and why the traditional Butterscotch Candies are not considered as vegan.

Traditional Butterscotch Candies: Why It’s Not Vegan?

why it's not vegan

Traditionally, Butterscotch Candies are made from Butter (derived from cow milk – animal derived) and brown sugar, boiled together. Often times, in the traditional Butterscotch Candies making, it requires ‘bone char’ to prepare the brown sugar.

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Therefore, even the processing of the sugar makes the Butterscotch Candies non-vegan.

In the traditional and most common method, the butter and the brown sugar are boiled together until they reach a specific temperature (usually at 270-290°F).

Eventually the mixture becomes a thick, caramel syrup. Usually the mixture is removed from the heat at this point and some other ingredients like “Vanilla’, “Salt”, “Cream” is added for desired flavors. Other ingredients like, “molasses” or “corn syrups” can also be added occasionally.

The mixture is then poured into molds or a plain surface to harden. Once hardened, it can be cut into squires or broken to pieces to complete making Butterscotch Candies.

Are Butterscotch Candies Vegan?

Are Butterscotch Candies Vegan

So, Can Vegans eat the Butterscotch Candies? The plain answer will be a ‘No’. However, as there are always alternatives for vegans, there are specially made Butterscotch Candies for vegans too. Or, a vegan can make their own vegan Butterscotch Candies where they may use plant-based butters.

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There are vegan butters that are derived from coconut. These butters are also as thick, creamy and flavory and can be used as a perfect alternative to prepare vegan Butterscotch Candies.

There are also butters made from nuts (one of the most common is the peanut butter) that can be used to create an alternative to the traditional Butterscotch Candies.

Alternative Butterscotch Candies for Vegans

There are many alternative Butterscotch Candies for Vegans that are available on platforms. As the practicing Vegans are growing in numbers, the growing demands for vegan alternatives is also noticeable.

Many brands started to prepare vegan foods and food ingredients online. Platforms like Amazon have a wide variation in their collections of Vegan Foods and Foods ingredients.

Vegan Butterscotch Candies vs. Traditional: Are They Just as Tasty?

Vegan Butterscotch Candies vs. Traditional

Are the Vegan Butterscotch Candies as enjoyable as the Non-Vegan Butterscotch Candies? Though this question can raise some juicy debates, it is safer to say that both Vegan and Non-Vegan Butterscotch Candies can offer an indulgent flavor experience for the consumer.

However, it all still depends on the individual’s taste preferences. In the recent years, as the demands have grown for vegan food alternatives of all sorts, Vegan candies also became abundantly enriched leaving a wide variation of options for people with vegan lifestyles.

While Vegan Candies may not be exactly the same as the Non-Vegan ones, the manufacturers of Vegan candies carefully mimic the rich, buttery flavor of the traditional Butterscotch Candies.

Many people started to enjoy these alternatives equally and often even more as they know that the vegan products are actually cruelty free.

Vegan Candies too can provide a quick energy boost for the consumer besides the sweet, buttery and flavory experience. Though made from the alternative ingredients, both Vegan and non-Vegan candies contain fats and sugar, therefore enriched in calories.

The high sugary ingredients in Vegan Butterscotch Candies can also provide a great energy boost very fast for the consumer just like the traditional ones can do.

Are Vegan Butterscotch Candies Healthier Than Traditional Ones?

It’s not always clear if vegan candies are healthier than traditional ones. While excessive sugar consumption is linked to various health risks like type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, obesity, heart issues, and even cancer, the sugar and fat content in both vegan and non-vegan candies can be high.

Vegan Butterscotch Candies often use natural ingredients like fruit-based sweeteners and are typically free from artificial additives or chemicals. This may offer a health advantage over traditional candies, which contain dairy and other animal-derived products. For those with lactose intolerance, vegan candies are a safer choice since they avoid dairy-based ingredients that could trigger adverse reactions.

However, both vegan and traditional candies should be enjoyed in moderation. Overconsumption can disrupt a balanced diet and lead to health issues. So, whether vegan or not, it’s best to consume Butterscotch Candies carefully.


Are Butterscotch Chips Vegan?

No, Butterscotch Chips are not vegan because they too contain butter which is derived from cow milk making them animal derived.

Does Butterscotch Contain Actual Scotch?

No, because traditional Butterscotch has only two ingredients. Butter and Brown sugar. The two ingredients are usually mixed and boiled together.

Are Butterscotch Candies Halal?

Most Butterscotch Candies are Halal, as they are generally made from butter and sugar. However, some candies may contain butter derived from pork sources. To ensure Halal compliance, Muslims should check the ingredients carefully before consuming Butterscotch Candies.

Are there any health benefits to butterscotch candies?

Butterscotch candies are high in sugar, fat, and calories. They offer little health benefit, so consume them in moderation. However, they can provide a quick energy boost, useful during workouts or races.

Are Vegan Butterscotch Candies better for people who have ‘Lactogen Intolerance’?

Yes. People with lactogen intolerance cannot eat dairy-based candies. As Vegan Candies are made from non-dairy ingredients, it’s helpful for them to enjoy candies without getting sick.


In summary, while butterscotch candies often contain dairy-based ingredients, the increasing demand for vegan treats has led to a wider array of options.

Your best bet is to read labels meticulously or make your own to ensure adherence to vegan values. Whether you opt for store-bought or homemade, enjoy the sweet nostalgia of butterscotch without compromising your ethical compass.

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