5000 Calorie Vegan Diet Meal Plan | Shockingly Easy to Follow!

5000 Calorie Vegan Diet

Last updated on March 26th, 2023

The vegan diet has been trending for years. Now there’s a new diet that blows it away. It’s called the 5000 calorie vegan diet, and it’s shockingly easy to follow.

Vegan diets are among the most well-known and rapidly growing dietary trends in the United States. However, many people are not well know how to follow a vegan diet successfully.

In this article, we will provide you with a 5000 calorie vegan diet that is shockingly easy to follow. The vegan diet requires little time or planning, and you can easily find foods that fit within its guidelines in most grocery stores.

Key Takeaways
1. Consuming a 5000 calorie vegan diet can be a challenge, but it is achievable.
2. To bulk up, you need to eat more calories than you burn, but it’s important to choose healthy and nutrient-dense foods.
3. Incorporating a variety of whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables can help you meet your daily calorie and nutrient needs.
4. Adding healthy fats, such as nuts, seeds, and avocados, can boost your calorie intake and provide essential nutrients.
5. Planning your meals and snacks ahead of time can help you stay on track and meet your calorie goals.
6. Regular exercise, particularly weightlifting, is essential for building muscle on a high-calorie vegan diet.
7. Consulting with a registered dietitian can help ensure that you are meeting all of your nutritional needs on a 5000-calorie vegan diet.
Key Takeaways

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What is a vegan diet?

what is vegan diet
what is vegan diet?

A vegan diet is a diet or lifestyle that excludes all animal products, including meat, eggs, dairy, and honey. Vegans may also exclude products made with animal ingredients, such as leather.

Some vegans also avoid using any type of product that was tested on animals. The philosophy behind veganism is based on the belief that humans should not exploit and kill animals for their own use. 

The popularity of the vegan diet is on the rise, and there are a few reasons why.

  • The first reason is that many people feel more healthy and energetic when they adhere to a plant-based diet.
  • Second, many people are worried about the environmental impact of meat production and believe that a vegan lifestyle is a great efficient way to reduce that impact.
  • Third, many people are drawn to the ethical principles of veganism, which emphasize compassion for animals and non-violence toward humans.

What is 5000 calorie vegan diet?

A 5000 calorie vegan diet is a healthy and sustainable way to eat that allows for the consumption of all essential nutrients and macro-nutrients.

It consists primarily of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. The daily intake of calories should be 5000 and divided equally among these food groups in order to provide the body with the necessary nutritional requirements.

It’s also important to note that a 5000 calorie vegan diet does necessarily mean that it is high in calories and also protein which you need for muscle gain.

In fact, many plant-based foods are high in fiber and nutrients, which can help to keep you feeling full longer.

What are the benefits of 5000 Calorie Vegan Diet?

What are the benefits of 5000 Calorie Vegan Diet?
What are the benefits of 5000 Calorie Vegan Diet?

So, what are the benefits of a 5000 calorie vegan diet? Quite a few, actually. Here are just a few: 

  • The diet that is vegan for 5000 calories is a type of diet made up solely of plant-based meals.
  • There are numerous benefits when you follow this diet, such as weight reduction and weight gain, better heart health, as well as decreased risk of getting cancer.
  • Plant-based diets are also linked to lower levels of chronic diseases like stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • You’ll lose weight. Research in the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association” found that people on vegan diets shed more body fat and weight than those on any other diet.
  • This is likely because plant-based foods are high in fiber and low in unhealthy fats, which can help you burn calories even when you’re not working out. 
  • A vegan diet that is 5000 calories can help to gain weight. The plant-based diet has been linked with lower rates of obesity and heart disease.
  • This type of diet is also known to be more filling than a typical diet, so it may be difficult to overeat.

How to follow the 5000 calorie vegan diet?

The 5000 calorie vegan diet is a popular dietary approach that promotes the consumption of plant-based foods instead of animal-based foods.

The 5000 calorie vegan diet is based on the theory that a person can maintain their health and achieve their fitness goals by consuming around 5000 calories per day.

To create a 5000 calorie vegan diet, you will need to estimate your daily caloric requirements and then select Plant-Based Foods from the USDA food pyramid as your primary source of nutrients.

Some key considerations when following a 5000 calorie vegan diet include: choosing high-quality sources of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, ensuring adequate vitamin B12 intake, loading up on fiber, and enjoying healthy fats and oils.

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  • Consider using nutrient-dense foods as your main source of calories. This means selecting foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.
  • These foods will help you meet your daily nutritional requirements while also providing plenty of healthy fats and proteins. 
  • Stay hydrated by consuming lots of water all along the day. This will help keep you feeling full and prevent you from overeating.
  • Additionally, staying adequately hydrated can help reduce the risk of developing chronic health conditions such as heart disease or Type 2 diabetes. 
  • Make sure to get enough exercise throughout the day.

What should be 5000 Calorie Vegan Meal Plan?

What should be 5000 Calorie Vegan Meal Plan?
What should be 5000 Calorie Vegan Meal Plan?

If you’re thinking of cutting down on your fat intake, a vegan meal plan may be perfect for you. A 5000 calorie vegan meal plan can provide all the nutrients you need and still leave room for fun. Here is some advice for creating a successful vegan meal plan: 

1. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meals. These foods are in high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber which will help keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

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2. Choose filling proteins such as beans, lentils, tofu, nuts, seeds, etc. These foods will provide you with plenty of energy and satisfying sustenance.

3. Avoid processed foods whenever possible. These are usually packed with sugar and harmful additives, which can put on the pounds fast. If possible, try to stick to whole foods whenever possible to get the most nutritional value out of your meals!

What are the foods you should avoid on this diet?

A 5000 calorie vegan diet is a healthy way to eat, but you need to be aware of the foods you should avoid. Here are the eight foods to avoid in this type of diet: 

  • Processed Foods: These include anything that has been processed with oil, salt, or sugar. They’re usually high in calories and unhealthy fats.
  •  Animal Products: You should avoid meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. These foods are high in cholesterol and other unhealthy substances.
  • Dairy Products: You should also steer clear of dairy products, including milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. These items contain a large amount of saturated fat and cholesterol.

What are the foods you can eat on this diet?

Looking to try a 5000 calorie vegan diet? Here are the key foods you can eat on this restrictive plan: 

  • Fruits and vegetables: A full plate of fruits and vegetables is essential for a 5000 calorie vegan diet. Try to select brightly colored fruits and vegetables, which will help keep your energy levels up throughout the day.
  • You have to make sure you eat at least 5 portions of fruit and at least three portions of vegetables every day.
  • Whole grains: Whole grains are another important part of a 5000 calorie vegan diet.
  • Include at least half a cup of whole grains in each meal, as these sources of fiber, will help regulate your blood sugar levels and provide other health benefits.
  • Try to find whole-grain products that are high in fiber, like brown rice, quinoa, or buckwheat.

How can I make enough calories on vegan food?

When it comes to getting enough calories on a vegan diet, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First and foremost, make sure to include a large number of fruits and vegetables in your meals.
  • These healthy sources of nutrients will help you reach the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and fiber, both of which are quite important for maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Secondly, be mindful of the types of foods you choose to eat. Ignore processed foods and sugary drinks, which can contain high amounts of calories and unnecessary sugar.
  • And finally, remember that calorie counting is not always necessary when following a vegan diet – sometimes, just eating nutrient-rich foods is enough to meet your needs!

Vegan snacks that are high in calories:

Vegan snacks are a great way to stay healthy and fit, without giving up on deliciousness. Here are some of our favorite vegan snacks:

  • Tofu and fruit: Cut tofu into small pieces and mix with fresh fruit for an easy, healthy snack.
  • Nuts and seeds: Roasted nuts and seeds make a great vegan snack, either in their own right or as part of a trail mix.

How do you count calories?

macro count
macro count

There are a few different ways to count calories, and it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. You can use a kitchen scale, measuring cups, or food pyramids.

You can also try online calorie calculators or apps. The essential thing is that you keep track of how many calories you’re eating each day so you can make sure you’re meeting your daily calorie goal.

In conclusion, following a 5000 calorie vegan diet is surprisingly easy to do. All you need to do is ensure you’re eating enough whole foods and balanced meals.

Not only will this diet help you meet your nutritional needs, but it will also help to improve your overall health. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your vegan feast today!


How do I eat 5000 calories per day?

You can get 5000 calories a day by eating a lot of high-calorie foods. Some examples of high-calorie foods include fast food, candy, and ice cream.

How much weight will you gain by eating 5000 calories a day?

Your weight gain depends on your body composition and activity level; those who are inactive with high-fat mass are more likely to gain weight than those who are active with high muscle mass.

How many calories do vegans need per day?

Vegans require varying calorie intake depending on age, gender, weight, height, and activity level. Typically, men need more calories than women.

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